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Voiding Dairy

Flometrica developed a digital Urine Voiding Diary device to replace the old manual recording method and turn our device into a much more powerful diagnostic tool for the urologists.


A bladder diary, also known as a voiding diary, is indispensable to urologists for the evaluation of symptoms and causes associated with LUTS and overactive bladder.


Completing a Voiding (bladder) Diary is long cumbersome process. The patient begins their diary when they wake up each morning, and continues making notes throughout the day, measuring the liquid in-take and out-take Volume with scale cup for 3 - 5 days.


Flometrica invented a disposable digital smart Urine cup that is connected through a smartphone to the Flometrica App enabling the patient to collect and measure his urine amounts in an automated manner while the results are continuously recorded and sent to the cloud database for further analysis.


The liquid in-take volume is recorded on demand as well through the smartphone and the Flometrica App and transmitted to the cloud data as well. Flometrica also has a unique proprietary Algorithm (AI) to analyse all the Voiding Diary data and give the Urologist an active dashboard  that includes a very visual table with highlights of potential problems (see diagram), as a supporting diagnostic tool.


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