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Flometrica is offering revolutionary digital health solutions to replace the way that Urodynamic diagnostic tests are preform today, by smart diagnostic IOT device that replace the present capital equipment diagnostic machines into compact home-use devices. 

Our products are personally per patient and designed to be preformed at home by the patient according to the docotor instructions. To date, Urodynamic tests are available at home not only for single diagnostic test, but also for long-term monitoring. 

With Flometrica technologies the Healthcare system will economically benefit, the Urologist will have more qualified, on-demand clinical data, the Patient can easily and safely perform the test in its own premises, free of sounding side-effect.

Our first product FloRite is regulated by the FDA and Israeli AMAR and are meeting the CPT codes for reimbursement for diagnostic LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms) and BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) 

The second product DiaryRite will follow on and launched with additional features and services can be preformed through the IOT Smart-Cup, the Mobile App together with the Cloud managing system gathering information & processing through our proprietary algorithms + AI & ML. 

All Flometrica products are empowered by AI & Machine Learning capabilities and involving Big-Data.


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