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The output - the server will take the inputs data from the Smart-Cup & the data captured on the mobile app & combine this to compute a graph that the doctors except (see below). The data is always stored & analysed for our big data analytics as well as the Uroflowmetry and Voiding Diary that the patients & doctors need. This data will be used to predict other ailments, more accurate algorithms that we are developing & information that pharmaceutical companies need to understand the performance of their treatment drugs.

TECHNOLOGY  - One IOT platform* for all products

* The technology platform covers by Granted Patnet

* Unisex re-usable product for home & point of care use 

Our proprietary algorithms - the algorithms we have developed is located in our Cloud base and it designed to give an accurate output from the cup, no matter what the situation may be. A man could be standing & urinating or a woman could be sitting on the toilet seat, it can be held at an angle or flat on the toilet cover or any other flat platform. It can remove any "noise-interferences" related to the user preforming the test, such as: shaking (elderly people that have a shaky grip) or the cup being held at an angle. It also eliminates incorrect data generated by the splashing of urination. This algorithm has been designed to make our products qualified for self-testing and stay the most accurate there is in the market & it has been measured against the Gold Standard in Uroflowmetry (weighing scale). This algorithm is unique to Flometrica!

The smart cup - the cup itself is an innovative piece of technology designed for usage by both men & women & is able to work under all home conditions in a safe & very accurate way. We are using electrical waves to pick up any changes that are happening with the urine sample during the test and it detects even the first 10ml of urine that comes into Smart-Cup. It has gyro technology built into it so that it measures how the cup is being held & it compensates for that when it comes to measuring the flow & the volumes.The Smart-Cup sensors can also pick up many other indications that present in urine & this will be implemented in Version 2.0. So, Flometrica Smart-Cup is a smart platform that can detect many problems in patients, from anywhere - hospitals, clinics & homes and transmit the data on-line to the patient's caregiver.

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