Flometrica develops disposable, personalized, single patient use, home-use or point-of-care, urine analyzer devices which are accurate and cost effective. Our products are small, disposable and can be used by patients themselves anywhere and anytime providing accurate measurements of urine parameters required by physicians for accurate diagnosis.. As a result patient diagnostics improve significantly and a more accurate clinical evaluation is provided to physicians. 

Our products portfolio:

  • FloRiteTM – a disposable urine flow meter device for 24 hours measurements of flow rate, voiding time and voiding quantity
  • DiaryRiteTM – a disposable voiding diary and flow meter device for 72 hours measurements of flow rate, voiding time, voiding quantity and on-line monitoring for urine secretion and liquid intake with graphic user interface on a smartphone/tablet
  • Cloud-based Database Management – Patients monitored database.

Flometrica’s clinical trials in Israel showed positive results. FloRite™ is considered as a user friendly device and its results are accurate as the standard use uroflowmetry devices in clinics

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