DiaryRiteTM  is a  disposable voiding diary and flow meter device for 72 hours measurements of flow rate, voiding time, voiding quantity and on-line monitoring for urine secretion and liquid intake with a graphic user interface on a smartphone/tablet.


There is a need for an electronic diary that can remove the patient from the equation, and automatically record drinking and voiding times and volumes to provide an accurate and objective assessment of voiding habits. DiaryRiteTM is a disposable voiding diary test. Patients who need to maintain a urine diary can easily take it anywhere and use the test at their own convenience. DiaryRiteTM will record all urination quantities and liquid intake quantities and automatically and wirelessly transmits the records to a cloud-based server via smartphone. In addition to volume intake/secretion tracking the voiding diary, DiaryRiteTM also measures flow in order to give improved patient diagnostics. DiaryRiteTM practically provides a full analysis of Flow and the benefits of a voiding diary test.  Flometrica’s special algorithm analyses the measurements and produces voiding diary graphs, statistical analysis and a comprehensive report that automatically sends to the patient personal file for further evaluation and diagnosis by the physician who can remotely review the results.

*All of the components, which come into contact with urine, are disposed of at the end of the tests by the patient.

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